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Welcome to Collaborative Designs

Where rooms are designed with you and detailed for you. My designs are created with your taste and style in mind.  At the end of your project the room looks and feels like yours. 

Independent Design Consulting & Sales

As an independent designer, I can work at your pace, I have no sales quotas to fill. I can also extend pricing that my showroom competitors won't do. We will work closely to pull together a design that suits your wish list and gives your space better function, making it more fun to live in. 

Creative Space Designs with Options

Most importantly, I want to add something new to your space, something different than was previously there. My goal is to give you options that you may not have thought of before!  Even small changes can have a huge impact on how you live and what you love about your new space.  


I offer a range of cabinetry brands to meet your budget; typically at lower than retail pricing.

Why not skip traditonal show room mark-ups!

I am passionate about design and transforming spaces!

I love helping clients uncover the hidden potential of their space!  Frequently clients think their remodel has to reuse the same layout; I help make what they truly want a reality.

I love these challenges!

It's so much fun to wow my clients with options they haven't even imagined. Clients tell me this is what makes me unique, innovative and their choice to work with. No same old, same old here. No matter what your budget is I want your space to feel, work and look different in the end.

I love to help my clients see things differently!

My interest in gourmet cooking and entertaining is reflected in my kitchen designs. And my bathroom designs are tailored to your wants, needs and style. These rooms never cease to amaze, even me! 

Collaboration !!!

Together we will create beautiful spaces that will make your home feel its most comfortable. Whether the task is a design project, or includes sourcing and shopping for the details, we will work together every step of the way.

Designs for All Rooms in your Home!

Be it a home theater, laundry room, walk-in closet, home office or even a garage. I offer assistance with complete remodeling projects, as well as mini room makeovers. Perhaps just a shower needs redone or you'd like a couple more years out of your kitchen, I can help.

Bev & Marv's Story -- Kitchen, Laundry & Bath Remodel

Bev & Marv Before


  • Bev & Marv had partially remodeled their kitchen 10 years prior and wanted to keep their floor tile and stone counter tops. Bev did NOT want an island to walk around
  • Their eat in kitchen had large exterior doors that led to a lovely 4 season room; however, these doors were cumbersome and swung into the kitchen taking up needed space
  • After our initial visit, I asked Bev if I could show her a layout that included an island, but in a way she hadn't thought of, would she be open to looking at it? She said, yes!

Bev & Marv After


  • When I came back to Bev with my initial design concepts I included one with the same current foot print, but also added one with an island that she would not have to walk around while cooking
  • I removed the desk that wasn't being used and moved the refrigerator next to the wall ovens, creating an appliance wall, which tightened up Bev's work triangle
  • An induction cook top that faced her island seating allowed her to keep an eye on her growing family of grandchildren

Bev & Marv After


  • I designed an interior pocket wall so we could add pocket French doors to the 4 season porch, which made a HUGE difference in how they could use the space
  • We also removed the peninsula which gave Bev and Marv easier access to the eating area and the porch
  • Bev and Marv's house is full of warm golds and reds, so in order to carry that warmth through to the new cool kitchen, we added a red accent wall which really shows off the space and ties it into the rest of the house

Richard & Dorlene's Story -- Kitchen Remodel

Richard & Dorlene Before


  • Dorlene and Rich had considered a few layouts for their galley kitchen, but were resigned to keeping it the same 
  • Some concerns they had were entertaining, needing separate space and more counter top prep space
  • Changing the floor to hardwood to match the rest of their home 

Richard & Dorlene After


  • My first thought when looking at their space was that the fridge was blocking the view and light from their deck / slider, so I suggested that they swap sides. They said, "we never thought of that!"
  • There was plenty of wall space without windows so the fridge would not block any natural light with the new layout
  • Dorlene and Rich have an old farmhouse with a Scandinavian flair. We added some warmth to their white washes with airy and warm, lightly stained cherry cabinets. The end result here is perfect and timeless

Richard & Dorlene After


  • To delineate the space for cooking vs guests, we added a small "L" counter top on the end and a couple of casual sitting stools
  • Of course you could also use this additional counter top for prep, a buffet or appetizers
  • Best photo ever was Richard sitting at the counter top with dinner and a glass of wine the night the job finished! Home Run!!!

Denise & Peter's Story -- Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Denise & Peter Before


  • Peter and Denise needed a new range, which drove the start of their kitchen remodel
  • They love to cook and entertain, but wanted to keep guests out of their prepping space
  • They had a large narrow kitchen with an unused eat-in section at one end, which was divided by a peninsula
  • Their work triangle put their 3 work centers around the perimeter of the room which was inefficient

Denise & Peter After


  • We added a long narrow island with an integrated cook top so D&P could enjoy their guests while completing the finishing touches to their meals
  • We moved the refrigerator to the same wall as the sink, shortening the work triangle and keeping all tasks behind the island

Denise & Peter After


  • I designed a discrete dry bar across from the cooking surface/island with enough storage for bar bottles, tools and glassware
  • Careful planning allowed enough space to pass between the dining and powder rooms, while grabbing an app or cocktail

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